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Experienced operator, currently the Chief of Staff at Docquity.com

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Recently I started a new role as a Chief of Staff at a fast-growing health tech startup. Looking to learn from other peers in similar executive roles.


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One thing COVID made very clear is how deeply we care about traveling. It is our belief that we are meant to travel and explore the world. My life is the very reflection of that. A desire for adventure has fueled my career trajectory since my teen years. Upon graduating high school I left Bulgaria to study in Denmark. Later, I moved to Greece for several months, followed by Taiwan for half a year. Once I graduated from uni I relocated to Malaysia, then Indonesia and right now I am based in Singapore. Clarissa (my partner) had a similar trajectory as her journey took her across Singapore, the UK, and pretty much all European countries. Moreover, she has been traveling to Korea, Japan, Fiji, and a bunch more places to satisfy her thirst for adventures. Fast forward to today and we (like so many others), yearn to escape the mental challenges presented by the global pandemic. COVID changed quite a bit the way we travel. On the one hand, we are a lot more selective because of the numerous regulations. On the other, we tend to take longer holidays. Naturally, that results in different requirements and expectations than what the current market offers. Today, when traveling we have to consider how the next accommodation will be a good fit not only for having fun but also for the demands of remote work. Great internet and ergonomic furniture carry equal importance to a swimming pool, community areas, and an exotic location. At the same time, we have all experienced the frustration of booking a trip online just to find out how the accommodation is nothing like in the pictures online. The interior is mediocre at best. Hygiene is poor, and the internet sucks. So we thought why not change that? Clarissa is a designer and I am an entrepreneur. Why not build a space that caters to the needs of today’s travelers? Owning the entire end-to-end customer experience will allow us to gradually iterate until we build the perfect place. We are planning to start with one villa as a pilot test. If things go well, we would love to expand further and launch more properties. In phase one, we will build property in Bali, Indonesia following these criteria: 🇮🇩 Inspiring location - what’s better than the island of Gods 🥁 Bali 🇮🇩? 😎 A place maximized for comfort and productivity - Clarissa’s portfolio is available here. 📱 Smart house - technology has removed a lot of friction in our daily lives, we plan to use the most popular IoT devices to ensure the experience is magical. ♻ Sustainability - we care deeply about the environment, you can read about our sustainability policy here [add a page]. 💻 Remote work friendly - the world has changed. Remote work is the new norm. We want to design remote-friendly space.


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As a person who traveled a fair bit, I spent the past 10 years living across both emerging and developed markets. That gave me a first-hand experience of countless environmental and social problems. Especially in emerging markets like Southeast Asia. By no means, I think the world is a perfect place. We face many problems around climate change, inequality, poverty, education, and wealth distribution. So my natural inclination is to be a pessimist too. Not too long ago, my views on the topic were quite different than todays. I desperately wanted to do something to address those problems. There was nothing more important than working towards solving climate change. But I am also an avid reader and entrepreneur. The more I read, the harder it gets to not see that in the long run, almost everything is improving. Go ahead and read “Factfulness” to understand how, for all its imperfections, the world is in a much better state than we may think. Or perhaps "The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves" to find out how our ceaseless capacity for innovation will increase our prosperity and biodiversity. Despite all inevitable disasters along the way. Then go through “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, where the author argues how given what we know about our history, we live in the best possible time. Last but not least, read "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think" to study how thanks to science we are solving the world’s largest problems.